Cycle Safety

Be seen and Ride Safely

It is very important that your bike is maintained in a roadworthy condition, and that you have the correct safety equipment. In particular it's vital that you make yourself as visible as possible to other road users.

Students on our courses have a bike inspection as part of the first session. If there are things that are either missing or faulty then we will advise you. High visibility tabards are provided when on the course.

Equipment - Cycle Safety Packs

We plan to offer cycle safety packs in the near future. These packs will use equipment that we have tried and tested ourselves, so you will have high quality products to ensure that you are visible and safe on the road. We have also made sure that they offer good value for the price.

The packs will save you time and effort obtaining the correct equipment, and can be purchased directly when attending a course.

We have also made arrangements with local Bike Shops so that you can obtain discounts on Cycling equipment. You can  enquire about this when you enrol on a course.


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